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Arch Design Award 






Designed by

Wu Chih Kang






Team Members:


Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Wu Chih Kang

Photo Credits:

Wu Chih Kang, 2022


Wu Chih Kang, 2022

Located in a busy business downtown area, this project is a commercial space planning for a restaurant. Through close communication with the client, the designer has introduced wood, rattan, and natural green elements to create a garden hidden in the city. The guests will enjoy a comfortable afternoon while having delicious desserts in a paradise-like dining environment. Upon entering the interior space, one will be amazed by the designer's careful planning, stimulating an individual’s unlimited imagination in a limited space. The vaulted ceiling is structured in layers and gradations, and the black and white tiles on the floor together create a sense of visual extension. Furthermore, staggered lighting combined with the vaulted ceiling depicts the image of sunlight falling through the treetops, filling the space with a beautiful and romantic vibe. A mirror is installed on the seating area’s inner wall to extend the whole space's visual depth through its reflective characteristics. Indoors, the greenery and light of the outdoors are brought in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the natural elements are placed to create the image of a garden. Amazingly, wooden and rattan furniture, green fabric sofas, and pink terrazzo table tops are panned to decorate the room. On top of that, artistic wallpaper with a jungle landscape is implemented to make guests feel like they are in a hidden garden. Moreover, the geometric table is decorated with a green fabric sofa and pink terrazzo tabletop. The geometric tables demonstrate the flexibility of seating arrangement to meet the size of different guest groups. Looking inward from the outer corridor of the restaurant, one will notice the passes through the floor-to-ceiling windows to the mirror at the end, creating a visual effect as if the park is a green belt in both directions. Through the designer's ingenious planning of every detail, the garden is created with a natural atmosphere that will enchant every visitor.

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