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Arch Design Award 





Hej Barn

Designed by

Rae Suu






Team Members:

Hej Barn

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Rae Suu

Photo Credits:

Andy, 2022


Raen Studios&Design, 2022

This project is a residential renovation planning case. Given the original space pattern and poor planning of the movement line in the residence, the homeowner has experienced much inconvenience in life. Through the designer’s careful evaluation and thorough planning, the original layout was delicately reorganized after close communication between the designer and the homeowner. Besides, a well-executed space arrangement was carefully planned to give the homeowner a comfortable living space. Entering the public area, one will realize that the designer’s open design approach integrates the living room, dining room, and kitchen to extend the view and create a spacious and bright space. The white color is chosen as the base, and green objects and paint are used to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. On top of that, the three green pieces are chalkboard walls, which the children can use to draw and doodle again. Moreover, the biblical texts are decorated on the border with iron staples, which create a literary atmosphere and symbolize the home's core values. On the other hand, the balcony is designed to be triangular in shape by shrinking, subtly expanding its efficiency. Besides, the designer arranged an island in the dining room that serves as a cooking platform, dining table, and work table, giving the space versatility. Moving slowly to the private bedroom space, one will notice that one is the primary bedroom for the couple, and the other is the children's room. Also, the children's room is designed as a bunk bed room with separate bedside cabinets for storage. The height of the upper bunk is deliberately raised so that the lower bunk has more space for storage. The bathroom is divided into three parts to provide a convenient space for the family.

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