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Arch Design Award 





An Apartment Dedicated to Meditation

Designed by

Madmen Studio






Team Members:

An Apartment Dedicated to Meditation

Residential Architecture

Hong Kong

Madmen Studio

Kalven Lee, Jassie Fung, Joyous Lee, Keyon Chan

Photo Credits:

Madmen Studio, 2022


Madmen Studio, 2022

The client had been following our work for a few years and contacted us when he bought a new place for his lovely family. He is a big fan of Japanese Living Style but, at the same time, he would also want the space to looks masculine and contemporary.

This is a brand new 4-bedrooms apartment with size around 100 square metres located at Tsueng Kwan O, Hong Kong . Tsueng Kwan O is a place near the coast and about 15 minutes drive west of Central, the most important commercial center in Hong Kong.

Our brief was asked to keep the existing Kitchen and the bathrooms which were already built by the developer before the client bought this apartment but, at the same time, to create a living space with strong Japanese aesthetics for a 4 people family by renovated all other areas including the living & dining area, 4 bedrooms and also a large balcony.

This apartment is a special unit type and is quite rare all over the whole estate it belongs. It is special on its tall headroom space and the feature large balcony space. The headroom space is quite high and this allows us to apply larger area of dark color material for the whole apartment. The wooden ceiling at the living & dining area is a really good example and is also one of the key design elements of the apartment help us expressing the main design theme and creating the correct atmosphere.

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