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Arch Design Award 





Gumgum Garden Restaurant Pub

Designed by

HOAH Design Limited






Team Members:

Gumgum Garden Restaurant Pub

Restaurants & Bars Architecture


HOAH Design Limited

founder, designer: Vincent Hsieh from HOAH Design Limited; visual designer, illustrator: Muria Wu from HOAH Design Limited

Photo Credits:

Photographer Frankie Lin, 2021. Visual Designer Muria Wu, 2021.


founder, designer: Vincent Hsieh from HOAH Design Limited; visual designer, illustrator: Muria Wu from HOAH Design Limited

We have been trapped during pandemic and long for a trip. Thus setting a scene of tropical beach in this city centre restaurant is our biggest goal. A restaurant pub is a place to meet friends, drink and dine, to relax after a long day stress. People always feel totally relaxed in a natural environment. Widely-used exotic plants, aged woods and real coral sand, magically bring diners into a vacation experience.

This restaurant design focused on creating an atmosphere that feels like relaxing at an island country beach bar, where guests can experience an exotic outdoor dinning experience in a city basement. The place is divided into five zones: lounge in the sand, island beach bar, rock cave dinning, garden cafe and jungle seat box, which allow returned customers to enjoy different atmosphere every time they dine in.

In consideration of pubic safety, a complete fire protection system that meets nowadays' safety requirement was added into the old building's already complex pipe system.

Taiwan is an island country, designers are familiar with the creation of a natural environment; however, the biggest challenge is to copy the atmosphere of the natural environment into a concrete house. This requires a lot of imagination and hands on construction experience. The experience of engineering supervision is the reason for the successful transformation.

Material use is a key issue to this project. To enhance the atmosphere of the space without any help of the best mood creator, sunlight and humid, loads of aged woods were used: weathered, raw wooden blocks that had no additional retouch, even unwanted tree trunks were modified by hand and widely use in the space.

This restaurant is children-friendly and pet-friendly, already opened for guests and become very popular in Taiwan. This unique indoor environment equipped with massive projection screen and sound system is perfect for commercial events in rainy Taipei, collaborated brands include Prada, LG and LINE TV, etc.

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