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Arch Design Award 





The retro-chic's house

Designed by

Isabel Gomez Studio






Team Members:

The retro-chic's house

Residential Architecture


Isabel Gomez Studio

Isabel Gomez

Photo Credits:

Isabel Gomez Studio


Isabel Gomez Studio

Sublimating the potential of this place in an urban confinement is the main intention of this project. With the help of curves and graphic compositions, we want to make the building speak. The choice and design of the furniture follows this thought.

We propose to work along the whole length of the house with open spaces. We have imagined a glass roof that opens up the back of the house and invites the garden inside. It offers views of the outside as well as the light that is necessary for the well-being of the occupants.

As soon as we enter, we are led to discover the place thanks to the curved lines of the custom-made furniture and the screen that show the way. The latter delimits the entrance hall and covers a relaxation area. A large bookcase has been designed to be an integral part of the architecture. The space is designed to allow each occupant to immerse themselves in a good novel during a quiet moment.
In the living room, the intention is to design a large, welcoming space where the whole family can gather.

How do you integrate a work space into a living space?

The primary intention is to allow the occupants to work in front of a green exterior. In order not to create an isolated space, wooden screens remind us of the project's approach and a sliding door partially makes this space more intimate. There is a desire here to support verticality through different visual perceptions.

Within this project, we wanted to create paradoxes to break the codes. Whether it be through the shape of this dwelling, this unitary volume, which opposes the finesse of the curves, or through the use of different materials that allow for interesting compositions: The warmth of the wood is set against the coldness of the marble. This cohabitation of materials is framed by geometrical associations that integrate perfectly into the house.

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