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Arch Design Award 





Country Blue

Designed by

Ligia Casanova/Atelier Lígia Casanova






Team Members:

Country Blue

Residential Architecture

Alcácer do Sal

Ligia Casanova/Atelier Lígia Casanova

Ligia Casanova

Photo Credits:

Bruno Barbosa


Ligia Casanova/2018

This project is located in Alcácer do Sal near Comporta, it is an apartment in a 2 floor building and it was in the color of the sea that we were inspired to do this project, the idea was to make a minimalist house, use only one color that referred to the sea that is so beautiful in that part of Portugal but not forgetting the color of straw that is so relevant in Alentejo, this color we used in chairs, rugs and lamps.
The furniture is simple made of pine wood with a very handcrafted look, the sofa, bedspread and cushions as well as the wood are blue, the lamps and rugs are reminiscent of straw of the Alentejo hills, which makes people feel inside this house in a house by the sea in Alentejo plain
The decorative objects are almost inexistent as if to convey the idea that there is beauty in simplicity.
The clients' request was to create a space where they could recharge their batteries at the weekend after stressful days at work, without television and in a house where there were only the essentials to live with the necessary comfort.

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