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Arch Design Award 





Xi'an Metro Line 5

Designed by

Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. / Vantree Design






Team Members:

Xi'an Metro Line 5

Government Architecture

Xi'an, China

Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. / Vantree Design

Muchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Guanbao Ye, Changhui, Wangliang, Junjie Li, Shangzhao Yang, Xiaofeng Li, Zhongning Zhang

Photo Credits:



Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. / Vantree Design, 2020

Xi'an Metro Line 5 has a total length of 25.36 kilometers, of which Daqujiang Station is close to several key colleges, universities and key middle school in Xi'an. As you know, schools are the temple of knowledge. The exchanges of various colleges and universities enhance each other, and the convergence of knowledge creates infinite possibilities. Therefore, the linearity full of unknowns and rationality is used as a conceptual element to construct a unique multi-dimensional space so that knowledge can be conveyed to all directions through the metro.
The design theme is based on the profound history and culture, to "perceive" and explore the combination of Xi'an's history and modernity. In the jump of cultural and artistic design elements, by adding sufficient light to identify and enhance the recognition of cultural station, and improve people's social participation.
In the station, the appearance incorporates geometric blocks with a sense of technology and mirror, so that people's visual and tactile perceptions are more concentrated in the space modeling and atmosphere design, and experience the "perception journey" brought by the new world. At the same time, lighting up key blocks in a space with a large flow of people, the column bodies is intertwined with modeling and metals to give people a silhouette full of technology and the sense of future, attracting attention, and highlighting the individuality and commonality of the metro space.

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