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Arch Design Award 





Heritage and Rebirth

Designed by

Peng-Hsu Chen / Aesthetic of Space Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Heritage and Rebirth

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Peng-Hsu Chen / Aesthetic of Space Design Co., Ltd.

Harvest Group

Photo Credits:

Aesthetic of Space Design Co., Ltd., 2022


Peng-Hsu Chen

The project is a condominium building located in Beitou, a historical district in Taipei. It has been famous for it’s hot spring since the Japanese colonial period.
Inspired by the historic background of local culture, the hot spring resort ambience was brought into the public space design. The designer preserved two locally manufactured scored tiles panels from the old facade as decorative art works and reminders of the village history. One panel is on the wall in front of the first floor elevator, and the other is on the roof garden which symbolizes the inheritance of learning from the past.
The reception/lobby area is surrounded by wooden shelves mimicking the changing area of the Japanese public bath, decorated with skipped backlights to carry more dynamic energy into the space. The mailbox designed to look like dresser drawers at the lower part of the shelves.
Two custom designed benches not only serve as furniture but art sculptures and provide a comfortable lounge area. Ripples-looked stainless steel corrugated panel wall in the elevator hall reflect the image of flowing water.
With limited space in the basement, the designer is using two colors to identify the parking space and driveway with the support of ground lights.
A small infinity pond right outside the elevator hall on the roof metaphors the nearby hot springs. The indoor wooden floor area is taking ideas of having a relaxing space after hot bath. The sliding French windows extend the indoor space and blurred the physical boundary between human and nature. The wood deck and small pond can also function as insulation to reduce the heat on the top floor and the energy costs. The rooftop garden is a perfect location to appreciate the surrounding natural environment view and to find inner tranquility for urban life.

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