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Arch Design Award 





Google for Startups Campus, Madrid

Designed by

Studio MADD






Team Members:

Google for Startups Campus, Madrid

Commercial & Office Architecture


Studio MADD

Monica Soto, Carmen Gonzalez, Alejandro Arias

Photo Credits:


studio MADD

“Fast things will be left in the past, time to clean life of unnecessary objects and actions, time to slow down the speed of consummation and exploitation to allow us to prolong the future of our species”
Julian Popov

Google Campus Madrid embraced the “return to office” as an opportunity for change. They commissioned studio MADD to reflect on the meaning of togetherness, collaboration, growth and to create the perfect framework for their community and future startups to meet, co-create, work and grow.

The Campus is housed in a building designed in 1892 by Isaac Peral, a Spanish architect, engineer and officer of the Navy who -amongst others- invented the submarine. The building site in itself has a history of innovation: it was Spain's first electrical energy accumulator.

Our intention revolved around the desire of revealing Peral´s design and enhancing the authenticity of the building. This would give character to the space and celebrate passed inventions and the many more to come . So by:
subtracting elements we gained authenticity.
retaining elements that makes Google Campus unique we gained purpose.
and by adding raw materials that complement the existing we provided a unique new character to the space.

These 3 actions acted as main criteria for the design decision and also emphasized the importance not to over design or over specify so as to manage resources wisely. The building's initial brickwork was respectfully revealed and made good. Materials added were minimal and chosen to have the highest sustainable standards.

In terms of functionality, the lower level is a cafe where the Campus meets the high street. The upper level is an open plan pop-in working space. Spaces functionality overlap to empower users and to maximize inclusivity of workstyles and personas. The result is a fuss free vibrant space. A space that celebrates past innovation to create the perfect framework to ideate the invention that will shape the future.

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