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Arch Design Award 





Milligram Coffee

Designed by

Raymond Lee from Arti Studio Limited






Team Members:

Milligram Coffee

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Hong Kong

Raymond Lee from Arti Studio Limited

Photo Credits:

Raymond Lee, 2022


Arti Studio Limited

Located in the concrete jungle of central business district of Hong Kong, this tiny coffee shop serves the district with an unique hidden gem with the idea of Japanese gardens, where visitors would have an escape from their usual surroundings.

After passing through the narrow entrance corridor with antique wall lamps with dark hard wood wall, an indoor backyard garden has been unfolded with huge planting positioned at the centre of seating zone. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, new wooden horizontal windows and textured wall painting, the space of indoor Japanese garden refines the potentiality of coffee shop experience in Hong Kong. The circular bench with landscape feature at the centre dissolves the boundary of social distance that likes the setting out in an outdoor park and garden. Dim lighting, indoor landscape and diversity of seats provide a platform for social interaction and communication.

We believe the beauty in the natural form, with absence of pretence and artificiality, which expresses through the simplicity of space planning and design.

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