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Arch Design Award 





Artistic Excellence

Designed by

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd.






Team Members:

Artistic Excellence

Commercial & Office Architecture

Beijing, China

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd., 2022


Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd., 2022

The core value of the Italian luxury fashion brand, BVLGARI, is to "break the rules, accept unconventional ideas, and always keep the brand attractive based on its unique cultural concepts.” This sample room planning project is designed with the concept of "breaking the norm, subverting the conventional design, and using art as the anchor point to appreciate life,” which coincides with the core value of BVLGARI. Therefore, this project brilliantly introduces BVLGARI elements, diversified color configurations, and artistic abstract paintings to create an unparalleled spatial style. The open spatial design extends the visual experience and makes the interior spacious and splendid. The designer has selected the sofa seat in the living room, and the sofa design incorporating art paintings is an essential element that reveals the sense of fashion. A marble coffee table with Brew's red brass coffee utensils creates a refined and elegant atmosphere. An art installation is placed next to the piano, which exudes a mysterious appeal with its unique atmosphere of BVLGARI. The glass bookcase behind the sofa, with its simple texture and sculptures of artworks, breeds a pure artistic style and sincere emotional temperature. Towards the dining room, the glass dining table with dark blue saddle leather dining chairs allows the residents to enjoy the elegant afternoon tea time. The pendant lamp with a pleated feel is hung above the dining table, and the light from different directions adds flexibility to the space and highlights a different visual effect. The study beautifully crafted the space through color, unique design, and snake-head geometric elements. The design team has created a special screen style by referring to the iconic Roman Colosseum, which is the inspiration for BVLGARI jewelry design. The black terminal chairs designed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, with their elegant, streamlined shape, embody the taste of fashion and elegance.

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