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Arch Design Award 





Humanities and Arts

Designed by







Team Members:

Humanities and Arts

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan, Taiwan


Photo Credits:

Feng Lan International Ltd., 2022


Feng Lan International Ltd., 2022

Art elevates the quality of life, and design is the presentation of art, reflecting the attitude and taste of life. This project is a case of public facilities planning for an apartment building. With the designer’s careful planning and thorough configuration, the elements of modern art and refined furniture are placed as the primary spatial focus to create a space with modern aesthetics that is attractive and mesmerizing. A pond is installed in the exterior landscape, and the colorful orbs and square lights are placed on the water surface to create a dazzling water art through the flow of water and color changes. On the other hand, the stone steps around the pond and warm yellow indirect lighting add a tender and romantic ambiance to the space. Standing at the entrance of the building, one will recognize the lattice lines of the ceiling extending the view to the interior space. The champagne-gold latticework of the entrance door shows a luxurious and grand texture. In the building, the lobby is decorated with wood veneer, aluminum latticework, and a black mirror, creating a multi-layered visual effect. Moreover, white single sofa seats, red bar chairs, and brown-orange leather seats are selected to disclose a unique style for each seating area through different material textures and color configurations. Surprisingly, the designer has created a garden view on the top floor up the stairs to introduce natural greenery and offer visitors a relaxing space. The ideas of this design project come from a practical point of view, which leads to a construction of a modern design style that embodies art. The designer adopts the “people-oriented design” concept to provide users with a comfortable and enjoyable living space. After all, the design comes from life, and details make quality. The designers have planned every detail to create a perfect living style.

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