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Arch Design Award 





Matcha Scent

Designed by

Chun-Hsun Huang/Sun Moon Interior Design






Team Members:

Matcha Scent

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chun-Hsun Huang/Sun Moon Interior Design

Chun-Hsun Huang

Photo Credits:

Sun Moon Interior Design


Sun Moon Interior Design

The client, a family of four, wanted to have a minimalist home with plenty of storage space. Therefore, the design team used wood grain cabinets and light tones to create the theme that the client wanted. The design team minimized the dividing lines in the space to make the visual simpler. For example, the wood grain wall of the dining room has an electric box, a bathroom door, and the entrance of the kitchen, so the wood grain can fully eliminate the excessive lines. The design team also used lightweight storage cabinets to preserve the integrity of the ceiling. On the other hand, because the space is 3.3 meters high, the storage space can be extended to the ceiling and floor. There is also a raised couch and bedroom space to meet the client's needs. In the end, the design team created a lot of storage space in a limited condition, utilized every inch of space efficiently, and planned a comfortable dining area. With these, the family who loves to gather with each other can enjoy a perfect design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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