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Arch Design Award 





Auto Motion

Designed by

Shunsuke Ohe / LUSTYdesign Inc.






Team Members:

Auto Motion

Commercial & Office Architecture

Kyoto pref. Japan

Shunsuke Ohe / LUSTYdesign Inc.

Photo Credits:

Tetsuro Goto by ISOLA Inc. , 2020


LUSTYdesign Inc. , 2020

As soon as you go through the entrance, you will see a louvered arch suspended from the ceiling by wires.
It is the face of this space and plays a central role in the space.
The ceiling is mainly finished in black, creating a very calm space.
This project is a car dealership and office on a main street.
The exterior walls are covered with a series of large sashes, making it very visible from the outside and inside, and from the inside and outside, creating a sense of freedom.
Inside, there is no space to display cars, but rather a space for business negotiations. Tables, counters, and boxes all have their own independence, making it a very comfortable space.
As a sales office for a company that sells luxury foreign cars, the interior design must be of high quality. In design, functionality is also an important factor to be considered, such as providing a business meeting space that is comfortable and maintains sufficient privacy.
The cars are displayed outside the building, and the layout is such that all business meeting spaces have a clear view of the cars on display.
The business meeting space has a variety of seating options, including circle sofa seats at high tables and high chairs, box tables, and counter seats, allowing customers to choose the seat that best suits their mood at any given moment.

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