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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Depth of field with luxurious but low-key vibe

Designed by

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept






Team Members:

Depth of field with luxurious but low-key vibe

Residential Architecture

Taipei City

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept

Photo Credits:

Kevin, 2022


Les Doux Concept, 2022

With the softness and elegance of neoclassicism as the base, the house features a contemporary interior design. The delicate details make the layout of the space streamlined and magnificent. The smooth rhythms of light and shadow unfold a soothing and stable residential sequence.
The layout is redesigned to accommodate the maximum amount of light and ensure good ventilation. To fulfill the needs of the residents, the traffic flow is integrated vertically. A personal retreat with open, unobstructed view is something that residents can enjoy every day.
The layout is rearranged to create interior and exterior entryways, while the transformation of the flooring material gives returning home a sense of ritual. The dust can be left on the exterior entryway so it can be cleaned easily. The straight corridor extends deep into the interior, drawing one's view through the house to the wall behind the sofa that is made of glass tiles. The transparent and refractive glass allows the light to spread and pass through. The dynamic beauty of the chronology is created. In the space featuring neutral beige tones, a dark blue sofa is the focal point. The vibrant color palette forms color variations in multiple layers. Stone textures in grayish-white pave the main TV wall and the floor of the common area, the disorderly natural texture adds a low-key luxurious flavor to the simple tones.
The staircase differs from the traditional corner configuration by shifting the stair hall to the wall with windows on the second floor, allowing light to gently flow down through the glass tiles and staircases to bring more light into the common area. The surface of the stairs is made of rough anti-slip stone. With lamps buried inside, the staircase ensures safety at night.

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