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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Artdeco Glamour Cosmetology Centre

Designed by

Chan Chun Man Ronnie






Team Members:

Artdeco Glamour Cosmetology Centre

Commercial & Office Architecture

Hong Kong

Chan Chun Man Ronnie

Kwan Yee Lok Enoch

Photo Credits:

Samuel Lee, 2022


Dream Ticket Workshop Limited, 2022

Simple geometric, symmetrical and curved features with metallic details, which creates an understated Art deco. The space is designed for prestigious and luxurious medical cosmetology services named as perFACE Peninsula Clubhouse

The intention of the design is to curate a luxurious lounge themed interior atmosphere for a cosmetic beauty space. We sought to continue the historical theme of the location, by applying the essence of art deco detailing into the significant area, such as the facade and reception area. The design brief creates a serene environment for the brand valued customers in a luxurious elegant sense of place, allowing them to make refreshment experiences to release the stress throughout the medical services.

When approaching the design, we sought to create a focal point for everyone passing by and will be attracted by its sparkling. A bold curves and round edges reception counter crafted in coral colored marble the space, contrasting with the earth tone color flooring, area rugs, round edges ceiling and wall textures. The lounge area is divided by a decorative arch portal as a transitional with ornate decoration lamps and featured panels. The coral and blush velvet sofa seating with the marble stone fireplace features, plus the round edged ceiling profile which enhanced the overall space into a cosy and comfy area.

Much of the geometric and symmetry patterns that are applied in the facade design and entrance door design that are used with champagne gold stainless steel, mirror backing and fluted glass. The overall surroundings of interior elements are eye-catching horizontal and vertical lines that are reflected in feature wall panel, ceiling trimming details, vertical reeded textured glasses and champagne gold stainless steel feature panels. In private treatment zones, there are fifteen well equipped treatment rooms, with unique details and lighting to enhance the guest's experience.

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