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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


A Quiet, Clean Place to Dine

Designed by

Jia-Chi Shiu






Team Members:

A Quiet, Clean Place to Dine

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Nantou County, Taiwan

Jia-Chi Shiu

Photo Credits:

Wade Huang



It is a well-designed restaurant that prioritizes the dining experience of its customers. The restaurant's open-concept layout allows patrons to witness the cooking process, which adds warmth and appreciation to dining. The use of cost-effective materials such as laminate hard plastic sheets and polypropylene hollow sheets also contributes to reducing expenses.

The checkout counter section is intelligently designed with wooden chests to display gifts and an indented box shelf that adds elegance to the simple space. The wall behind the counter is decorated with clouded mountains, which visually extends the space. The blue drapes on either side of the wall conceal the machine room and create tension in the current space, giving an impression of a greater expanse of space.

The dining environment is cozy and spacious, with a specific distance maintained between dining tables to ensure a pleasant, jam-free dining experience. The wooden bar counter is set up for people who come alone, and auto-order machines are fitted on the two pillars in the middle to shorten waiting time and make the entire process of ordering and dining more diner-friendly.

The overall design features light wood tones and white to create a Japanese style, which goes with the color of stainless-steel equipment in the kitchen and lessens the coldness of metal by means of abundant wood-toned warmth. The black iron shelving over the single-person dining bar presents an industrial style while highlighting the Japanese vibe at the same time.

The project is a great example of a restaurant that carefully considers the needs of its customers in its design. The spacious, bright and mellow environment allows each patron on each seat to enjoy a wonderful dining time and a delectable meal without being disturbed by neighboring seats.

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