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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Gardens

Designed by

Shih-Yu Chen






Team Members:

The Gardens

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Tainan City, Taiwan

Shih-Yu Chen

Chih-Hung Chien

Photo Credits:

Shuo-Wei Huang


Mori Design Group Co. Ltd.

The restaurant takes "Flying Flowers and Dancing Butterflies" as the main idea of interior design, transforming the imprint of butterflies that are fluttering and freely traversing the flowers into the space. Through imitation and transformation, the figurative elements are implemented in the dining memory, having a wonderful time with your five senses.

The ceiling with steel water ripples reflects the light and shadow of the drop-shaped chandelier, presenting an upside-down rainy-day scene and the lively sound of the rain. Retro-shaped grilles and vegetated walls create rich spatial levels for the entrance. The serpentine counter with jade and white texture in the green and the central round seat highlights a finishing touch in the space constructed of metal and reflective materials.

The multi-level penetrating exclusive box presents the restaurant with a golden and magnificent atmosphere.
Delicate retro elements also extend to the parquet tiles in the restroom, which are matched with bird-shaped wall lamps, highlighting the nostalgic style of the past. Here, the vision opens good times and spreads to the tip of the tongue and taste. The taste is delicious, and the immersive beauty of overlapping sensory surprises.

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