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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category



Designed by

Hsiu-yun Hung






Team Members:


Residential Architecture


Hsiu-yun Hung

Photo Credits:

DOOR Space Design,2023


DOOR Space Design,2023

To break away from the conventional residential framework, the design team set the tone of the space with a chic yuppie flair, taking the style favored by young people nowadays as the main theme of the design, and shaping the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the lounge bar through the Hermes orange leather, so that the overall home environment evokes the sensation of avant-garde fashion, allowing the space dimension to expand into different levels of style, leading to the owner's extraordinary taste and imagination of the beautiful life.

On the back wall of the sofa in the living room, the design team leveraged a large amount of Hermes orange leather material to cover the entire wall, and extend to the ceiling and dining room cabinets, while using a rarely-seen curved sofa to accentuate a distinct chic ambience. Together with the ingenuity of lighting design and the open design layout, the space is brought to life with the interplay of light and shadow.

The design team also paid close attention to the influence of materials on the space. In the selection of leather, the pursuit of three-dimensional sewing thread helps with the precise detailing of the space, so as to fully integrate the texture of leather into the overall space. In addition, the metallic elements in the space are trimmed with a titanium-plated design, further raising the taste of the interior space to greater heights. The entrance foyer and kitchen are also designed with large slab tiles, giving off a refreshing and simple visual sense.

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