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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


A Glowing, Serene Zone

Designed by

Yu Chieh Lin






Team Members:

A Glowing, Serene Zone

Residential Architecture

Tainan City, Taiwan

Yu Chieh Lin

Photo Credits:



Kuansen Space Design Co., Ltd

This project involves the renovation of a small detached two-story villa in Tainan. The first floor serves as the public area, while the second floor houses the independent bedrooms. As a residential renovation project, the space was filled with exposed pipes and equipment, resulting in visual disorder caused by the irregular indoor structure. The key to the design was to turn these immovable facilities and structures into the highlights of the space.

Through the geometric elements and a lighting plan that incorporates natural and artificial light sources, the designers created a rich and diverse spatial texture for an ordinary residential building. It also strengthens the unique and warm visual memory points.

Due to the structure of the stairs and pipes, the corner of the living room where it connects to ceiling was an irregular angle. The designers cleverly used multiple overlapping triangles to cover the area, complemented by the design of the lighting effects to showcase the beautiful changes in light and shadow which transform it into a new visual highlight.

The dining and kitchen area features a glass-wood design for the kitchen sliding door to block kitchen fumes, extending the visual axis of the living room and the entrance hallway. Through the interplay of light and shadow, a special angle and narrative context are created.

The master bedroom on 2nd floor continues the tone of the first floor with wood textures and white colors. The curved shape of the bedhead and the storage wall behind it echoes the multi-functional desk at the foot of the bed. The multi-functional lifting tabletop can be adjusted to hide the mirror and transform the desk into a vanity.

Through a subtle spatial layout and design details, the functional needs of daily living are integrated, enriching the possibilities for home life, and creating a container that is full of natural elements, carries life and is emotional.

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