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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category



Designed by

Joseph Lee






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Joseph Lee

Photo Credits:

Joseph Lee


LeeChen International Design Co.

Located in Neihu, this high-rise residence boasts a complete double-storey space and a private roof terrace with stunning views. The walls of the staircase hall are covered with imitated raw concrete and travertine patterns in different shades of grey, creating a unique Japanese wabi-sabi style. The entrance features a yellow shoe cabinet and light strip, setting the tone for the rest of the space. The high-ceilinged public area is composed of living and dining rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a bright and pleasant environment surrounded by greenery. The space combines imitation raw concrete walls with artistic paint and light-colored solid wood skins, fishbone collage flooring, and inorganic soil coatings. The living room features an enlarged high ceiling area and chandeliers designed by famous artists. The private bedroom area is accessible via a spiral staircase with convoluted glass handrails and wooden steps. The master bedroom has a grey and rustic lotus color system dominated by a marble wall with a complex texture. The dressing room and bedroom area establish a spatial hierarchy through progressive planning. The top-floor terrace features an environmentally friendly plastic wood design, with exclusive spatial meaning given to different areas. With precise space planning, this residence is both a runway for the owner's taste and texture and a relaxing living space.

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