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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Back to One’s True Nature

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Back to One’s True Nature

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan



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Weimax Studio


XIN DAN design

This project is a duplex residence features a design that maximizes the layout’s openness and brightness. Hallways dividing the space are reduced, and the main and secondary flows are configured based on functional needs. Thus the space becomes a container of life centering on its dwellers’ daily habits and needs and is divided into the main and secondary domains that encompass both a private area for personal use and a shared section for the family to interact.
As an avid mountain-climber, the homeowner loves to relish the openness and joy upon reaching the summit even at home. Hence the design team installs a bluish green marble wall at the entryway and adorns the ceiling with three-dimensional curves to resemble the beautiful contour of mountain ridges. The living-dining room section has an open layout, and at every angle it looks like a complete painting without any blind spot. The large French windows extending from the sofa area in the living room to the dining room take in sufficient sunlight, and stone-vein wooden flooring of the same tone serves to make the space look even brighter and larger. The living room and the dining room are separated by the ceiling, whose indirect recessed lighting makes the illumination even and coherent and whose chamfered edges also enhance elegance and rhythm.
The design features low-chroma earth tones to shape a simple but grand layout. Application of seamless cloth makes the walls look complete, and, together with hardwood veins, creates a warm, homey feel and accents layers in the space. Besides, clever and diverse uses of stone materials, such as the marble walls in the entryway, the living room and the master bedroom as well as the tiles in the bathrooms, make for a natural and unique boutique texture that adds to composed luxury of the space. Solemn and serene like a mountain, the residence is refreshing and pleasant, allowing one to go back to one’s true nature, just like how one feels upon reaching the summit.

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