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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


A Taste of Home

Designed by

Chang Chin hua






Team Members:

A Taste of Home

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Chang Chin hua

Sung Ti Hua, Shiao Ching Ting, Chen Wei Yu

Photo Credits:

Huang Shuo-Wei


A J technology co., ltd / Crazy Catering Enterprises Ltd. / A J technology co., ltd

Hot pot is a beloved cuisine among Taiwanese people and a symbol of complete reunion. Crazy Eat Pot combines hot pot and hand-shaken beverages, two of Taiwan's most iconic foods, in a dining space that promotes the spirit of a "lifetime encounter". The ambiance is soothing, and the dishes are carefully selected with natural ingredients, providing a delicious taste for customers to cherish in their memories.

The operator's focus on quality and service reflects the attention to detail of Japanese craftsmanship, with a customer-oriented attitude and high self-discipline, similar to the Japanese Bushido spirit. The restaurant's design combines a modern Japanese-style dining space with the owner's preferred style.

The façade of the Zhongli store features non-reflective fog black, an asymmetrical design on the left grille, and a Japanese calligraphy-style brand name on the right. The interior landscaping captures the meaning of seasonal landscapes, while wooden grilles divide the dining area and create vertical and deep moving lines. The design also includes traditional Japanese hemp leaf patterns, Japanese paper lamps, gravel, and ink paintings to create a simple yet elegant space with a sense of cohesion.

The third and fourth floors of the building serve as corporate offices and staff dormitories, providing a place for teammates to meet, train and live. The white and wood color scheme meets the diverse needs of space use with an accurate budget, and the design embodies the brand's spiritual function and historical connotation with ingenuity, creating a modern interpretation of time and place.
The store design and dining experience offer a unique blend of Taiwan's traditional foods and modern Japanese-inspired style.

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