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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


The Warm Glow

Designed by

Hsu Jung Tien






Team Members:

The Warm Glow

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Hsu Jung Tien

Photo Credits:

DAL Design Group Inc., 2023


DAL Design Group Inc., 2023

The building is more than a carrier, but is also a piece of art standing in the city. For this project, the house is designed with a north-south standing position, combined with a traditional triplex-like configuration to create the image of a building embracing nature with open arms, making a perfect blend of architecture and natural scenery. Looking at the front facade, one will notice that for the central part of the building, the designer has planned a glass curtain with vertical lines to define the interior and exterior area. And at the same time, it brings natural light into the hollow interior space, allowing the living room on the second floor and the living room on the second floor to embrace nature together. On the other hand, the vertical window frames on the glass curtain can create unique light and shadow changes when the sunlight slants into the interior from the east to the west and simultaneously achieve a shading effect. On the east side of the building are the master bedroom and the second bedroom. The designers have extended a square volume on the first floor and suspended it above the water, giving the building a sense of lightness and volume. Above the square volume, a landscaped terrace is created to provide the space with a sense of visual experience and hierarchy. The large glass skylight in the bathroom on the second floor allows natural light to pass freely through the room and provides the residents with a view of the clouds and stars in the sky. On the west side of the building, a dining and kitchen space is located on the first floor, and a semi-outdoor balcony with a 15-degree slope is created on the outside to show the beauty of the building, which is both dynamic and quiet. A terrace is also planned to extend upwards, giving a balanced visual impression to the east and west sides of the building.

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