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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Graceful World

Designed by

Page Li






Team Members:

The Graceful World

Residential Architecture


Page Li

Photo Credits:

Holistic Interior Design Co., Ltd, 2022


Holistic Interior Design Co., Ltd, 2022

The people-oriented design is the project’s core concept, and the designer has created a beautiful and enjoyable living space. This is an interior design project for a residence. In view of the homeowner’s interest in collecting items, the designer has delicately planned many storage cabinets and display cabinets to meet the homeowners' needs. The design of "handle-less" pressed storage cabinets blends in with the wall, making the space visually neat and sharp. As for the primary space, the designer combines the minimalist wabi-sabi style with elegant French aesthetics, thus creating a tranquil; and luxurious residential style. Inside the house, a rounded column is shaped by grating lines, and the storage room is hidden, giving the homeowner an aesthetic and practical storage space. Along the line towards the open public area, the designer uses a lot of curved elements to introduce the space, giving the residents a smooth and comfortable sensational experience. In addition, the doors and windows are beautifully shaped with semi-circular arcs, offering the residence an exotic vibe. For the ceiling, the designer cleverly uses a streamlined design to eliminate the sense of angularity of the carriers. The TV wall in the living room is designed with a good feng shui arrangement, so instead of planning storage space for it, a stone wall is used as the back wall. The stone TV wall is designed with the direction of the mountain pattern to symbolize the meaning of rising. Behind the sofa is an open office space with an integrated desk that cleverly divides the area.

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