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The Light Life

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The Light Life

Residential Architecture



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Onemood Interior Design, 2023


Onemood Interior Design, 2023

The people-oriented design takes the residents' daily routines and habits as the brainstorming point to create an ideal residence for the residents. This is an interior design case for a residence with a total living space of about 72 square meters. The designer has set white as the base and complemented it with wood furniture to create a pure and simple Scandinavian minimalist living space. Blue and green are embellished to add a touch of fresh greenery to the home, creating a natural and leisurely atmosphere. The overall space is well planned with a neat layout and furnishings to deliver a beautiful look of the residence and realize the residents' vision of an ideal life. Entering the house, one will be led inward through a smooth and intuitive movement plan. Following the bright light to the public space, the designer uses the open design to integrate the living room, dining room, and kitchen, combined with the large open window design to make the space spacious and bright. The general use of white and wood tones to pave the area, together with the warm sunlight invoked into the room, creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere, allowing the residents to immerse themselves in a relaxing and beautiful time. Among them, the designer cleverly chose low-color blue and green furniture to match so that the whole has a different visual experience without appearing abrupt. In the simple and clean space, the designer has set up shelves, storage cabinets, and irregular display cabinets, which not only meet the residents' storage needs but also enrich the changes of the wall. The designer carefully plans this project with a simple design and pure color as the main spatial focus. Moreover, the designer has delicately configured each piece of furniture so that the simple and clean space conceals delicate ingenuity. Through the designer's exquisite execution, the residential space has a warmth that gives the residents a wonderful daily lifestyle.

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