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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Warm Sunshine Begins the Day

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Team Members:

The Warm Sunshine Begins the Day

Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan


Photo Credits:

Zerone Group, 2022


Zerone Group, 2022

Living in a busy and fast-paced city, an individual would always desire a tranquil and relaxing living space for a digital detox. For this project, the designer has utilized taro color, gray, white, wooden tones, and some special metallic paint to create a simple and soft Scandinavian style. Besides, the designer uses the warm sun-like tone of the space to convey a sense of simplicity and peace of mind, making the space a calm haven to release all the stress and allowing the residents to immerse themselves in a comfortable and enjoyable living environment. The designer used hexagonal tiles inside the house to divide the dust room area and extend it to the kitchen space. The hexagonal floor tiles are waterproof to reduce the potential danger of users slipping and falling. Through the designers' ingenuity, the hot stir-fry and eating areas are deliberately planned distinctly to effectively isolate the grease and smoke, creating a comfortable and fresh dining environment. On the other hand, the open layout of the common area incorporates and integrates the living room, dining room, work table, and light dining area, allowing each space to remain independent while communicating with each other. For the large white main wall, the designer cleverly uses the concealed door design to hide the bedroom door, eliminating the presence of the door and making the overall visual appearance clean and clear. Looking towards the semi-open study, one will notice a large glass partition design used to make the whole space more transparent and spacious. For the overall residence planning, the designer used warm light wood colors with much white space to create a rustic and warm atmosphere. A unique metallic paint in warm colors was used to paint some of the walls to create a unique aesthetic by using the texture of the material to change with the light.

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