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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


TIKKURILA Exhibition Hall

Designed by

Fanshe Architectural Design






Team Members:

TIKKURILA Exhibition Hall

Commercial & Office Architecture

Shantou, China

Fanshe Architectural Design

Zhang Fan, Zhang Run

Photo Credits:

Xu Yiwen


Fanshe Architectural Design, 2022

This case is an exhibition hall experience space for the latex paint brand - Fenlin Paint. The form of this space not only reflects the structure of the building, but also an important source of visual perception. Its form should have simple and clear characteristics, allowing people to see the layout of the entire space at a glance. The combination of bright colors and simple lines creates a distinct sense of bulk in the space, making it very clear. In terms of perception, this exhibition hall gives people a very strong feeling, giving them a deeper understanding of latex paint.

The entire space is divided into different functional areas through different blocks, giving people a feeling of being in the art space. The architectural style is highly modern, with simple and clear lines, making the entire space appear very transparent and open.

In terms of color, the characteristics of latex paint have been well interpreted, with brilliant colors and contrasting color blocks complementing each other. It can convey the personality and atmosphere of the space, creating a comfortable or energetic atmosphere.

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