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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


House L

Designed by

Yezheng Architectural Design






Team Members:

House L

Residential Architecture

Huizhou, China

Yezheng Architectural Design

He Hongji

Photo Credits:

Yezheng Architectural Design, 2022


Yezheng Architectural Design, 2022

This case starts from the symmetrical spatial structure of the original space. In terms of space construction, the space is strictly divided to create multiple spaces that can "grow" in the future to meet various future living needs.

Try to integrate two main colors (wood veneer and gray varnish board) into the space, one is warm and the other is cold, giving the space two expressions and scene transitions, enriching the space experience.

Following the original architectural structure, the symmetrical layout creates a rigorous space temperament.

The overall material matching reduces the use of closing materials, and the antique-faced floor tiles are used to reduce the reflection of light energy and reduce energy consumption.

The color tone of the space is coordinated, with the warmth of a home and the sophistication of an urban elite. Children like to play in the reading area. Adults and children have their own space, and their sense of happiness is greatly improved.

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