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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category



Designed by

Chung-I Shih/ ICA Architecture+Interior Design






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

New Taipei,Taiwan

Chung-I Shih/ ICA Architecture+Interior Design

Cheng-Han Ho/Tzu-Yao Liao/Xion-Yu Pan

Photo Credits:

Hung-Hua Tseng


Market Administration Office,New Taipei City Goverment

BAO AN MARKET is an important market in the Shulin area of New Taipei City and it was built on big gutters. There have problems such as untreated rainwater and sewage flowing into the large drainage ditch, can't cover the rain, the ground is slippery and prone to injury. The team decided to implement the renovation plan.
Half of the long and narrow market is above the drainage ditches.Design using diagonal bracing structure, doesn't affect existing waterways and central moving line, overcoming the structural problems of narrow market. The coherent roof design protects the shoppers from the sun and rain.
Roof design induced ventilation, using the principle of building physical environment to make hot air upward, let the indoor spaces be naturally ventilated.Install circulating ceiling fans to provide consumers with a cool and hygienic market.
Set up a three-stage sewage treatment system to collect sewage and discharge it after treatment. Divide the stormwater system and discharge it into the district drainage system separately.Re-flooring and re-conditioning of hardware such as gutters, grease interceptors, electrical and sewage.
Combined with the park presents the entrance in a white bright style. The booth signboard is planned in a color-concentrated manner,friendly local community environment, creating a new characteristic market with regional significance.
BAO AN MARKET is at the junction of night market and traditional market, consider the richness of follow-up operations and the combination of local business, planning a strategy for sharing stalls in morning and evening markets. Consumers have options different from traditional markets, and have an overall consumption chain from morning to night.

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