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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The beauty of simplicity

Designed by

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept






Team Members:

The beauty of simplicity

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept


Photo Credits:

Kevin / Moooten Studio


Les Doux Concept

In order to prevent the real estate sales center from being stereotyped as cold, warm wood, winding curves, and the flow of light fill the space to create a gentle and elegant visual feast. In the space, depth is given to the public area to make it spacious. The meeting room, pantry room and lounge are located at corners. Through the balanced proportional distribution, it opens up the view and prevents the room from looking too dull or gloomy. Simple natural wood elements and the crystal-clear stone set a quiet and comfortable theme, while metal and iron pieces enhance details and provide low-profile yet luxurious interiors with a personal touch.
The facade features artistic coating and large-scale curved surface to enhance the sense of presence in the fast-paced city. They bring instant warmth to the welcome hinterland along with the glow of light bands. Upon entering the space, the rounded reception counter takes the sharpness out of the room. The design of a truncated surface eliminates the heaviness of a large volume. The canopy and structural columns with curved lines conceal rigid turns smoothly, creating a visual elegance in both rationality and sensibility.
The reeded glass in the meeting room is light-permeable and shadow-free which can provide privacy without blocking the passage of light and create a longer line of sight. The symbiotic walls are decorated with circles of various sizes connected to each other, symbolizing the happiness and fulfillment of the family. The low chroma colors dilute the intensity in the meeting room lightly. Grayscale colors and stone textures create a calm and unhurried space.

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