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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Moment of Tranquility

Designed by

CIAOCASA Interior Design






Team Members:

The Moment of Tranquility

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

CIAOCASA Interior Design

Photo Credits:

CIAOCASA Interior Design, 2023


CIAOCASA Interior Design, 2023

One of the most beautiful things about interior design is introducing nature into the residence, allowing it to blend into life and create a gorgeous living environment for the residents. This is an interior design project for a residence standing in a quiet alley in a big city. The designer has planned wood as the primary spatial focus, combined with the flooring design and creating a Japanese garden landscape to deliver an authentic Japanese vibe. In addition, based on the needs of the homeowner’s family members, the spatial layout and movement were reorganized, and the space was cleverly connected to provide multiple purposes for the residents, creating a functional and beautiful house with both aesthetic and practical functions. Upon entering the residence, one will realize that the streamlined design extends in space. The desk n the side of the corridor enhances the functionality and flexibility of the space. In both the shared and private living areas, the flooring design and sliding doors are installed to define them. Furthermore, the designer has planned two glass textures to add multiple layers, allowing the natural light to infiltrate the residence freely. In addition, the sliding door can be adapted according to the user's needs, allowing each living space to retain spaciousness and independence. On the other hand, an electrical standing desk is positioned in the center of the living room, giving multiple functions to satisfy the needs of different situations. Also, at the interface between the living room and the balcony, there is a full-opening aluminum window sliding door, which serves as a border between the raised wooden flooring living room and the balcony. When the sliding doors are unlocked, the view extends from the indoor space to the outdoor landscaped courtyard, allowing the residence to embrace the beauty of mother nature and the lovely greenery.

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