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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Wandering Life

Designed by

Lin En Cheng






Team Members:

The Wandering Life

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Lin En Cheng

Photo Credits:

Lin En Cheng, 2023


Lin En Cheng, 2023

In today's world, where individuals live in a fast-paced style and demanding environment, they always look forward to having a breathing space to slow down their pace of life and release their physical and mental pressure. This interior design project for a single-story residence accommodates a family of five. Given the couple's busy schedule and highly-stressed working style, they would like to have a spacious and comfortable living environment to provide a space for the family to interact and bond with each other during their leisure time and to spend a wonderful time together. Upon entering the dust room area, one will notice the round ceiling lights attached to the ceiling, soothing the tired body and mind under the warm light. Looking towards the end view, the space is defined by a hollow-shaped screen, which divides the area while retaining the permeability so that the residents will not feel pressured when entering and leaving, achieving a perfect transitional effect. As the bedroom has enough space, the partition of one of the bedrooms was removed to break the pattern and enlarge the use of the public area, thus creating a bright interior environment. The overall use of warm gray, white, and light wood as the main axis of the space, and partially supplemented by blue lacquer wall and silver fox marble wall, so that the warm and cold ratio of the field tends to balance, and combined with the natural light from the louvered floor-to-ceiling windows, to create a warm and layered atmosphere. The living room, dining room, and study are integrated into the public area, allowing the whole family to read, dine, talk, and play games together, enjoying the joy of family life. Moving slowly to the private area, one will notice the master bedroom is decorated with a white base and pink bed to create an elegant texture.

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