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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Chengdu Courtyard

Designed by

He Mei Lin, Chengdu Aobo Landscape Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Chengdu Courtyard

Landscape Architecture


He Mei Lin, Chengdu Aobo Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Chengdu Aobo Landscape Design Co., Ltd., 2023


Chengdu Aobo Landscape Design Co., Ltd., 2023

As time goes by and the city develops over the years daily, preserving the historical and cultural heritage becomes an important issue. This is a landscape design project of the famous Anren Ancient Town in Chengdu, Dayi County, China. The location is noted for its unique cultural landscape, a well-known Chinese historical and cultural town, and a national cultural industry demonstration base. As the project is positioned for high-end customers who seek a high quality of life and experience the local ecological culture, the landscape design team has paid considerable attention to the compatibility between style, culture, and texture. Through the transformation process between idea sharing and privacy, the essence of local folk culture is exquisitely concentrated, thus creating a comprehensive villa cluster project with a mixed-use landscape featuring commercial and residential integration. At the beginning of this landscape design, the team started with "field research." During the daytime, we walked through the streets and alleys; in the evening, we visited the town among the tourists and residents; and in the night and morning, we explored the old public houses and private courtyards. Through a multi-dimensional sensory experience of the area, we can appreciate the tranquil and remote beauty of the old town. The landscape design is based on the traditional folk style, the existing layout of the area, the surrounding resources, the current situation of the community's distribution and exchange, and the nature of the 40-year commercial property rights of the "livable community of the town," perfectly reflecting the unique characteristics of the local private, public house and the sharing district.

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