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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Flowing space

Designed by

Neverland Design Studio






Team Members:

Flowing space

Residential Architecture

Chungli, Taiwan

Neverland Design Studio

Photo Credits:

Yioo studio, 2022


Neverland Design Studio, 2021

This project originated from love.
It is a gift from a daughter to her mother. The close-knit family hopes to maintain a space for gathering even during the pandemic.

The choice of materials combines the soft and accommodating traits , with a cloud-like blending of gray and white, a simple yet profound texture, and elegant paneling. The layout was reorganized to transform the dining and kitchen area into an open space, and to increase the depth of two bathrooms with sliding doors and glass partitions. The original low beams were covered with winding panels, creating a streamlined ceiling.

A dust-falling area is partitioned from the inside and outside by a simple and warm pebble tile corridor, which serves as a hub connecting the terrace and living room. The shoe cabinet is designed along the circulation path to guide the natural light and reduce the sense of oppression by leaving the top uncovered. At the same time, a new platform is added for temporarily placing items, and a mirror is placed at the end to reflect a sense of openness and brightness.

A soft and elegant curve gracefully extends, guiding the line of sight gradually. This design is based on the fact that a large beam runs above the living room, which creates a rigid division in the space. The height under the beam is only 220 centimeters, so the curve is added to smooth out the sharp corners, creating a flowing and continuous visual effect that alleviates the original sense of oppression. At the same time, wall cabinets are built deep into the column to expand storage capacity and make good use of awkward corners.

The space was refined based on its original form and functional needs.
Free-form and flowing, with open flow and warm light, this is a home filled with love.

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