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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Wood under the sunshine

Designed by

Suitable Interior Decoration Design






Team Members:

Wood under the sunshine

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Suitable Interior Decoration Design

Sheng-Fu Yang

Photo Credits:

Suitable Interior Decoration Design


Suitable Interior Decoration Design

The project is named "Wood under the Sunshine", and the clients want to enlarge and brighten the 76 square meter space. To fulfill the client's expectations, the designer takes Scandinavian style and minimalist design with a pink color flash to create a warm tone. Moreover, the designer integrates the storage into the irregular space, presenting a comfortable residence with fresh aesthetics and function in a streamlined concept.
The project is a renovation of an old apartment. Considering the space constraints and the storage needs, the designer extends the wood veneer on the beam to the end of the corridor to divide the living room and dining area. On the other side, the TV wall is made up of a wood grain facade with symmetrical glass windows for a more open view. In the dining room, the space under the beams is combined with white color and light wood grain to form a dining cabinet and other storage cabinets.

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