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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Ocean Blue

Designed by

SanGong Design






Team Members:

Ocean Blue

Commercial & Office Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

SanGong Design

Hsin-Pei Chiang

Photo Credits:

OS Studio


SanGong Design

The project is a renovation of a pre-owned office. The name of the project is "Ocean Blue", which echoes the extension of the company's vision of green and blue in the space and symbolizes the struggle of the start-up company in the business field. The design has many different impressions from the standard office, such as an open office area and a multi-functional meeting room.
To introduce good lighting, the glass partitions in the space provide a sense of penetration. The flooring is made of different materials and wood patterns to separate various departments, making the whole space look neat and orderly.
To meet the client's demand for a good working environment, the designer divides the 228.1 square meters of space into an office area, audio-visual social area, lounge area, pantries, etc., so that the employees can relax and adjust their working status after working hard. At the same time, the designer plans system cabinets for each employee to use and then takes lines and wood grain to make the visual effect of a whole row of cabinets not too monotonous. Only a comfortable design can make a group of people go farther in the way of innovation.

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