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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Luxury apartment

Designed by

Isabel Gomez






Team Members:

Luxury apartment

Residential Architecture


Isabel Gomez

Isabel Gomez

Photo Credits:

Isabel Gomez Studio


Isabel Gomez Studio

The proposed project for this apartment, located on the top floor of a building in the heart of Brussels, carefully combines materials, colors and light sources, giving the space a refined and sophisticated industrial style. Each piece of furniture, such as the custom-made bookshelves, the large glass and metal door leading to a more intimate space, the island and the bar corner as focal gathering point of the room, the extendable table and the large sofa delimiting the fireplace space, is designed to make the space unique. The new electric plan is one of the main elements of the project through which the living space is illuminated in every single part, giving those who live there a feeling of airiness and brightness. The pattern of visible lights on the ceiling is in harmony with the whole living and dining room, creating a perceptible spatial and visual continuity. The centerpiece of the living area is the wood and metal staircase, designed completely from start to finish in accordance with the spirit and style of the flat. The use and arrangement of the metal rods has not only a structural but also a decorative value. Each bedroom reflects the personalities of those who live in it; an intimate environment given by the green color and the use of dark wood in the main room and a more playful and light space in the second room. All parts of the design have been realized in the desire to create a unique and beautiful environment, capable of enhancing the lives of those who live in it.

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