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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Happiness, Always Around Us

Designed by







Team Members:

Happiness, Always Around Us

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taiwan


Jazmin Lin, Max Zhou, Azure Lin

Photo Credits:

Hey! Cheese



The project is named "Happiness, Always Around Us". The design team felt that the residents are the protagonists of the residence, making it alive and more appealing. The project focuses on "people" and took a minimalist style with various materials to showcase delicate textures and colors under the daylight.
The minimalistic residence has a unique view and lighting due to its height. The interior features open and interconnected traffic flow, showcasing the visual aesthetics of solid and void with materials such as stone, wood grain, iron, and special paint, then realizing the integration of interior and exterior.
The entrance is paved with stone-patterned tiles and decorated with natural stone on the walls. At the same time, the design team removed unnecessary walls to create a more spacious scale that embodies minimalism and grandeur. The public area is unadorned, and classic furniture and objects shape the aesthetics of primitiveness and humanities. The curves, simple lines, and diverse material combinations enrich the look.
The master bedroom has a warm and woody sloping ceiling to solve the disadvantage of low ceiling height, supplemented by lighting to create a visual extension effect. Uroomage eliminates the disadvantages of the site one by one, presents an impressive living blueprint, and creates a classic, refined, and beautiful residence.

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