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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


First Securities Inc. E-commerce Department

Designed by

YK Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

First Securities Inc. E-commerce Department

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

YK Design Co., Ltd.

Chen-Yu Yeh

Photo Credits:

YK Design Co., Ltd.


YK Design Co., Ltd.

The client, First Securities Inc. E-commerce Department, expects to convey a professional yet warm image. The designer led the main structure of the color scheme and worked with the artist to create the theme wall of the reception hall on the first floor, fusing the corporate image with representative colors to shape a unique and seamless large-scale painting. The peony, Qilin, and Shanhai Zhen symbolize the blessing of "bring in wealth and treasure", while the green, brown, and orange convey the brand value.
The artwork not only enhances the quality of the space, but also creates an intangible connection between the customer and the company.
The visual focus of the public area is on geometric shapes made of metal. The embossed wallpaper in iron gray is highly textured, while the different materials on the hallway wall quench a new visual experience. The light wood grain embodies the energy of sunlight and tones down the oppressiveness of the stone grain, creating a distinct look. At the same time, the vibrant red and orange of the terrazzo door frame adds a hint of red to the wall and serves as a border between areas.

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