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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


RM House

Designed by

António Fernandez Architects






Team Members:

RM House

Residential Architecture

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

António Fernandez Architects

António Fernandez & Ema Rosmaninho

Photo Credits:

Fernando Guerra


António Fernandez Architects

If I could be as lofty and proud, as open, and discreet as the RM House, I would feel like I was ruling the world! Such is this simple yet mighty house. A sturdy, crystalline house, simple and open plan, where all space dominates and allows itself to be dominated. A house that is easy to grasp and retain. A house that lives on and extends itself into the distant landscape like a belvedere, from where everything can be seen and reached. In the background the sea and the immensity of the sky. A sea that is the entrance and the departure of large transatlantic ships and enormous floating constructions, which access the port of Funchal every day. Such is this confined and almost limitless house.
The RM house is located on a small lot, surrounded by high walls and by the levada that faces the plot, and which imposes the maximum height of the façade, thus conditioning its development. These strictures have led to its unique character.
Thus, those accessing the plot catch a glimpse of a white body with curved lines, which unifies elevation and roof, and where the large lenses that look at the sea and reflect the sky stand out. The spatial diversity in such a small plot was here explored to the extreme.
The RM house thus takes possession of all its exterior space, extends all of its compartments into it, knows how to discretely understand its different relationships and, for this reason, seduces. The variation in luminosity during the day transforms the house, and at night, light springs from it, like a lighthouse looking out to sea, which imposes its presence from above. But even so, it remains the small white house that contemplates the landscape and takes in the sky and the sea.

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