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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Poetic Landscape

Designed by

Hu Chun-Hao / Chun Design






Team Members:

Poetic Landscape

Healthcare Architecture

Taoyuan City

Hu Chun-Hao / Chun Design

Photo Credits:

Chiu Chuang-His


Hu Chun-Hao / Chun Design

This project is an aged single-story dental clinic with an interior area of approximately 198 square meters.
Given that the client is a female dentist who is good at empathizing with and caring for patients' anxieties, it is the core of the inspiration of this project to get rid of the previous impressions of medical space presentation, and to integrate a practical and harmonious layout to meet her expectations of warmth, comfort, soft curves and functionality. The design is a combination of the humanistic flavor of simplicity without losing the Japanese wabi-sabi and the elegant and healing mood of poetry.

The entrance is shaped by the curved lines of the counter space, and the eco-friendly yellow paint with warmth is used as the base. The back wall is streamlined and integrated with the woodwork cabinets to express the comfort and taste of the space.

The glass partition lightly delineates the attributes and widens the view of the patient. The clinic continues the pink layout, with semi-circular chamfered partition and rounded glass design, avoiding the patient's eye contact, softening the space to add richness and interest, and gently realizing the design of comforting the patient and narrowing the distance between the doctor and the patient. The design is designed to comfort patients and bring them closer to each other.

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