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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Heart-Warming Legacy

Designed by

Ya-Jung Hsieh/Limo Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

The Heart-Warming Legacy

Residential Architecture


Ya-Jung Hsieh/Limo Design Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Ya-Jung Hsieh, 2023


Ya-Jung Hsieh, 2023

One of the beautiful things about designing is to pass down family memories and continue the family spirit. This project is a residential planning case where the owner, an entrepreneur, brings the whole family together to enjoy a wonderful life with their children and grandchildren. The team skillfully integrated the owner's family heirloom redwood furniture into the space, allowing traditional Chinese furniture to perfectly blend with modern aesthetic space while inheriting the virtues of gratitude and frugality. Upon entering the interior, one will notice the overall space adopts a cross-shaped pattern as the layout plan, with the public area in the center and the main bedroom, children's room, playroom, bathroom, balcony, and other areas distributed around it. This provides family members free access to the public space, naturally interacting and maintaining relationships. The public area is designed with an open space, integrating the living room, dining room, Buddha altar, and kitchen to create a spacious and comfortable activity area. On the other hand, a sliding door is an area divider between the dining and kitchen space and the living room, which can be adjusted according to the user's needs. When the door is closed, it effectively prevents kitchen fumes from spreading and isolates the sound of different areas; when the door is open, the whole family can chat, interact, and enjoy leisure time in the space, which is suitable for both quiet and active activities. In the public area, wood and stone are used as the main axis of the space, creating a stable and instrumental atmosphere and bringing a comfortable and stable living feeling to the residents. In the private area, wood is used as the base, while some blue and green colors are added to liven up the spatial imagery, giving different family members their own spatial colors. In addition, the family's traditional mahogany furniture is placed in the space to remind the family's spirit at all times.

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