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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category



Designed by

Ya-Jung Hsieh/Limo Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:


Residential Architecture


Ya-Jung Hsieh/Limo Design Co., Ltd.

Yu-Sheng Lee, Hsin-Jui Hsieh

Photo Credits:

Ya-Jung Hsieh, 2023


Ya-Jung Hsieh, 2023

Contrast originates from two extreme sides, and two extreme sides come from infinity. This project is based on the proposition of "infinity" and "contrast" as the context. The design concept originates from the Italian "Infinity" marble table, a limited edition of only eight pieces in the world, and the 8th piece was purchased by the owner. This way, the design concept starts with "infinity" and "contrast" and continues throughout the space. At the entryway, the ochre red back wall with oriental furniture creates a stable tone and calms the visitor’s mind. In the corridor leading to the public area, the team used the design technique of spatial scaling, using marble to enclose the corridor, not only to delineate the area but also to enlarge the vision of the space as people move into the room. Upon entering the public area, unlike the oriental imagery of the entrance hall, the visual impact of western aesthetics greets us, quietly sublimating the artistic aesthetic of the space. Besides, the curved art paint ceiling and gray marble wall in the living room form a natural canvas. On the other side of the dining area, the "Infinito" marble dining table in green and sunken color is paired with fuchsia dining chairs, creating a visual highlight through contrasting colors. In addition, the indigo-colored roof outside the window creates a sense of inspiration in the space. In the private living area, to meet the privacy needs of the residents' personal space, two side passageways are set up to separate the bedrooms of different family members so that each can have the maximum privacy. The master and second bedrooms are decorated in different colors to create a personalized space. The master bedroom is decorated with a light gray pattern, while the second bedroom is decorated with contrasting colors of three primary colors. In addition, the double-sink basin in the master bathroom is uniquely cut out of a large piece of marble.

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