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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Happiness of Leisure Living

Designed by

Pei-tung Chiu






Team Members:

The Happiness of Leisure Living

Residential Architecture


Pei-tung Chiu

Photo Credits:

Xiangxiang Design Co., Ltd., 2023


Xiangxiang Design Co., Ltd., 2023

This project is residential planning for a family of five. Through the designer’s careful arrangement, the spatial layout and furniture configuration is properly executed so that the family can comfortably and freely move around in the total living space of about 122 square meters. In addition, the designers cleverly used colors and soft furnishings to create a happy, childlike, and warm home, hoping to bring the family a relaxed and happy living atmosphere and enjoy the joy of family life. Upon entering the room, one will notice the main spatial focal point is a subdued brown tone, which settles the visitor’s mind. In addition, orange is used as the color scheme for one of the walls to maintain the visual consistency of the space through a similar color tone while adding a lively tone. In the living room, considering the limited space, the designers cleverly used projection equipment to replace the fixed TV format, allowing the residents to adjust according to their needs and improve the functional use of the space. In the dining area, the warm gray storage cabinets in the corridor are combined with different colorful inlaid cabinets to enliven the space. Once you enter the dining area, the colorful atmosphere of the dining room is a fairy tale. In addition, the ceiling is decorated with a number of round holes and orb lighting to create a lively atmosphere. It is also decorated with mushroom houses, trees, clouds, and other shapes to show a humorous and playful space style, and to build a dream kingdom for the owner's children. In addition, to provide a more spacious and abundant activity area for the children, the designer has chosen a folding dining table cabinet, which can be stored in the cabinet when not eating, giving the family more scope for activities.

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