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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Intangible Love

Designed by

Li Zhi-Cheng, Han Bing-Yu, Chen You-Jen






Team Members:

The Intangible Love

Residential Architecture


Li Zhi-Cheng, Han Bing-Yu, Chen You-Jen

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The intangible love is delicately interpreted and delivered through the tangible space design. The homeowners of this project are a couple with two sons. After constant and thorough discussions with the clients, the design team strongly felt the owners' love and care for their families and perfectly outlined the owners' family life. Resourcefully, the team took the man's calm and introverted character and the woman's kind and friendly personality as inspiration and transformed them into the keynote of the space. Moreover, the design team has also considered the children’s daily life to build a safe activity area and an exclusive living environment so that the whole family can spend a comfortable and enjoyable time together. Upon entering the house, one will notice that the team has planned wood and warm gray tones as the primary spatial focus, expressing a calm and soft atmosphere. In the guestroom area, in consideration of the residents' habit of taking off their shoes and to preserve the unobstructed passage and spaciousness of the space, a hidden movable shoe chair was planned underneath the closet, which not only satisfies the needs of the residents but also makes the space less cluttered. As the owner's faith requires the worship of ancestors and gods, a shrine is placed in the cabinet behind the desk in the living room. At the same time, taking into account the overall space, the designer has planned the doors of the cabinets to be tailor-made with hardware so that when the homeowner’s worship, they only need to open the doors and store them on both sides of the cabinets so that they can carry out worship activities without affecting the movement. At the same time, they can be aesthetically pleasing. The dining room, the heart of the house, is a must-visit area whenever walking in the residence.

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