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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Oriental Rising

Designed by

James Ni






Team Members:

Oriental Rising

Residential Architecture


James Ni

Photo Credits:

James Ni, 2023


James Ni, 2023

The residence is over 50 years old and is the homeowner's and his wife's family house. Through this renovation, the design team hopes to build a happy home for them to live together in their old age. Since old street houses in Taipei usually have a corridor connecting each area of the home, it is easy to form a long, cramped space pattern. Because the owners have many friends and often invite friends and relatives to their house, the designer has deconstructed the original layout plan by removing unnecessary partitions and properly utilizing the unused areas to create a spacious space for activities, providing the residents and visitors with a space to roam around and interact. Upon entering the interior space, one will notice that the designer has adopted an open-space design, integrating the living room and the dining room and combining the window design to create an open and bright space feeling. In the living room, the back wall of the sofa is decorated with a unique geometric pattern to create a visual highlight. Besides, the contrast between the blue back wall and the orange leather sofa is planned to liven up the space. As for the TV wall, the two wall textures are combined with the smooth lines to present a simple and unique wall shape. The dining room’s wood furniture and warm yellow lighting create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, in to the kitchen, avocado green is added to the white base to present a simple and elegant look. Through the designer’s resourceful planning and delicate execution, the materials and techniques were cleverly applied and conducted to create a beautiful visual extension. In addition, the use of the area was properly planned to improve the original fragmented space of the old apartment.

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