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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Daguan Health Hospital

Designed by







Team Members:

Daguan Health Hospital

Healthcare Architecture

Chengdu City


Li Shun,Wang Shixuan,Wang Zhaopeng,Zhang Yang

Photo Credits:

Yang Shengfeng,Zhang Yang



Chengdu is building a brand as a health and wellness city, and this project serves as a benchmark for urban medical and elderly care integration in the core area of Chengdu. We incorporate diverse cultures such as "modern, unique, gentle, comfortable, warm, safe, and friendly" into the space through subtle scene language, creating extraordinary vitality experiences for the project.

Firstly, the exterior design of the building needs to establish its own image and characteristics among the bustling buildings. In our design, we mainly emphasize the building's rigid lines, rhythmic turns, large windows for natural light combined with beige ceramic plates, and a delicate and durable facade made of wood-colored aluminum plates, adding a touch of warmth and nature.

The project consists of medical and elderly care sections that are independently divided and used cooperatively. The building form and function are interlocked and arranged in combination blocks, breaking away from the traditional monotonous complex model and connected by gardens. The elderly care section is located on the side away from the road to ensure a peaceful living environment. At the municipal park outside, the medical section is inward, leaving the square as a separate entrance for the elderly care section.

The elderly care section follows the corridor layout to cater to the elderly's pursuit of sunlight in the core area of the city. The shallow depth of each room allows every space and corridor to be fully connected with sunlight and nature, and the "L-shaped" flow is also suitable for wheelchair-bound seniors to walk and wander indoors, while also improving natural ventilation and lighting.

The entrance, layout, and other aspects have been optimized and adjusted. The medical section is now in an L-shaped building form, and the medical and care centers are arranged side by side, further optimizing the dynamic relationship and convenience of medical and elderly care integration.

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