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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Tranquility and togetherness

Designed by

Yi Min, Chu / Yuanmao Interior Design






Team Members:

Tranquility and togetherness

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Yi Min, Chu / Yuanmao Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Yuanmao Interior Design


Yuanmao Interior Design

In a single-family villa, the first floor has a living room and dining room serving as the core area for bonding. The master bedroom is located in the corner, so that the homeowner can relax and enjoy quiet and undisturbed privacy. The multi-functional second floor has a piano room, a study room, and an audio-visual room to create a space that is inviting for all family members to spend time together. In the entryway, stone and wood grains create a dark space. A glass sliding door reduces the intensity of the light, and the slightly subdued atmosphere calms the mind down when entering. When entering the communal area, the flooring is laid with earth-toned tiles to add a natural feel and a sense of stability. The TV wall is also made of stone in the same color to echo the theme, and the visual weight of the main wall is dispersed by the dividing grooves. The lower layer is attached to stainless steel metal plates. Rich layers are established in the assembly of different materials. The trowel-applied finishes on the wall and warm wood accents implant a touch of rustic temperature, warming up the cold stone and tile and creating a balanced space. In the dining room and kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen layout consists of a center island and the dining table. The circular traffic flow opens up a generous space for walking.A view of splash-ink landscape is presented on the kitchen wall. Under the daylight, its flowing texture creates a unique residence. The multi-purpose area serves as an entertainment center for the family, where they can read, and play the piano or interactive games. To maximize the amount of light, the TV is deliberately placed in the corner of the space, and the wall is extended with a beveled surface to make up for the awkwardly shaped space. The low chroma colors dilute the intensity in the space lightly, with pure wood accents and mellow white color bringing back purity and elegance to the view.

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