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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The London Vintage

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The London Vintage

Residential Architecture



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WU ZI LE, 2023


WU ZI LE, 2023

This is an interior design project of a residence; the spatial style setting is inspired by the owner's favorite movie, " The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Through the designer's careful planning, the movie scenes were cleverly introduced into the space, allowing the modern house to recreate the British vintage mood of the 1960s, filled with a charming atmosphere of calm and luxury, which enchanted the homeowner. As soon as entering the foyer, one will find a cone-shaped glass chandelier hanging there, emitting warm yellow light to soothe the tired body and minds of those returning. In addition, the partition wall is designed with wood grain line panels and embellished with metal hooks to show the British industrial aesthetic. Through the arched arches towards the public area, the flooring uses the same wood grain texture and different splicing techniques to delineate the zones subtly. The back wall of the living and dining room continues using linear panel elements and is painted in gray. In addition, the bedroom doors are also painted gray to give the space a cleaner and more streamlined feel. The half-height TV wall is placed in the center of the space, separating different spaces and maintaining overall spaciousness. A small vintage circulating ceiling fan punctuates the study space behind the TV wall. In consideration of the large number of storage needs of the residents, a whole side of display and storage space was planned to meet the functional needs. A wall lamp in vintage bronze is installed on the wooden cabinet, adding to the delicate texture of the British style. On the other side, the multi-functional room is designed with a combination of lift-up storage cabinets, raised flooring, and a full range of storage cabinets of different sizes to meet the homeowners' needs for storage space for various objects.

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